Our Approach

Combining the experience and expertise of two of New Zealand’s best competition law specialists.

We set up A&B because we are dedicated to achieving great results, having clients that love working with us, and enjoying what we do both at work and outside of work. Our approach is designed to achieve these objectives.

Our Approach

Our approach rests on the following key principles.

We care about the result 

We care about achieving the best result possible for you and we’re committed to doing all we can to achieve that.

We work together as a team and work with you as a team

We see our strength as the combination of our knowledge, experience, and expertise. You will have the benefit of all of that as part of the advice you receive. 

We also recognise that our knowledge, experience, and expertise is nothing without harnessing your understanding of your business and the market you operate in. 

We will be flexible in how we work with you

We recognise there is no one right way to do things. Every client and every matter is different. 

Our size gives us the flexibility to work with you to deliver our services in the most effective and efficient way for you. 

We will do what we say we will do 

We will be available to you when you need us and if we say we will do something, we will do it. If we have a deadline to meet, we’ll meet it. 

We’ll provide the highest quality advice

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality specialist advice. High quality advice does not just mean technical excellence, it also means advice that is straightforward, realistic, understandable, and which suggests alternatives if needed. 

We’re not focused on telling you what we think you want to hear; we’re focused on telling you what you need to know to position yourself to achieve the outcome you’re after.

We’ll be straightforward 

We will be straightforward in all our dealings with you. You won’t get surprises, and you won’t have to interpret what we mean. 

Neil is “a very capable, highly regarded practitioner with experience across all sectors I definitely rate him."

— Chambers Asia Pacific 2021